Monday, 22 August 2011

The Afghan Girl Photograph

Author: Steve McCurry
Published: National Geographic Magazine, June 1985

Because no one could identify the girl from the picture, it was simply titled "the Afghan Girl". It presents an Afghan refugee which was met by the photographer at Nasir Bagh refugee camp in Pakistan in 1984. Because of Soviet aircraft attack, the girl became an orphan. The picture is National Geographic Magazine's most recognized photography in its history. Also, it became a symbol of the Afghan conflict and refugee situation in the world.

The picture is very emotional and sears the heart. Girl's eyes are green and very deep, the tragedy of her situation may be read just from her eyes in the land drained by war.

The girl was found after 17 years by McCurry and National Geographic team in 2002. Her real name is Sharbat Gula.

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