Thursday, 3 November 2011

Yeltsin dances

Photo author: Alexander Zemlianichenko
Photo date: June 10th, 1996

Above photograph depicts Boris Yeltsin dancing on a rock concert, during his campaign to re-election, to prove he was in good health. This photo shows the essence of his presidency which was known for wrong moves in wrong times. Mr. Yeltsin was a hero that stood on tank during the failed coup attempt in 1991, but wasted the next decade on wrong decisions and focusing on unimportant things while the Soviet system collapsed. For years the media speculated that Russian President struggled with alcoholism and ill-health, but during the campaign, these questions disappeared as a major issue. Eventually, he won the election for second term, but resigned from the office in 1999.

This photo won a Pulitzer prize and a World Press Photo award.

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