Monday, 19 December 2011

Coronation of King George VI

Picture author: Henri Cartier-Bresson
Picture date: 12th May 1937
Published in: French Regard weekly magazine

Mr. Cartier-Bresson took this picture on Trafalgar Square on the coronation date of King George VI. Year 1936 was difficult for British nation. King George V died after long reign, and King Edward VIII abdicated after a year of reign to marry American socialite. King George VI took over the throne in times when people were not respectful towards monarchy.

Regard magazine was not happy that Henri Cartier-Bresson covered the coronation day, but did not shoot even one picture of the king or the carriage. Photographer took the picture of the crowd waiting to see the coronation, and the sleeping man who was waiting overnight and fell asleep. The man and photographer are missing coronation process, but the interests of the person behind the camera are to show the crowd who is divided, but united in the same moment. He portrayed historic moment in faces of people who saw how history is being created. He portrayed their faces, cheering and dancing. His lens covered it all.

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