Monday, 12 December 2011

Henry Ford and Model T

Picture date: 1921
Picture published by: Henry Ford Museum

The above picture depicts Henry Ford and his ground-breaking car, Model T. It was shot in Buffalo, New York in 1921. In the same year about 1 million Model Ts came out from his assembly lines. Henry Ford was a car entrepreneur of the century who developed the technique of mass production and assembly lines. He was responsible for revolution in automobile and transportation industries.

Before releasing Model T, Henry Ford was working with 19 prototypes for five years. Those models were named from A to T which was actually the final model. The release of Model T marked the beginning of affordable cars for masses. The original price of Model T was $850 or £180. After including the inflation, the price estimates around $20.000. It was a half or one third of the price of other cars at that time. the price dropped eventually to $300 by 1920s. Mr. Ford decided that due to the success of Model T, the next model will not be Model U, but 'Ford Model A' to begin naming from the start.

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